ParentsVoice BC’s mission is to give parents of our public school students a voice again. To achieve this we will recruit, train, help elect, and support public School Trustees across all of British Columbia who will be advocates of parents and the local community first.

We were founded in June of 2022 and in a few short months on a shoestring budget and with the help of a core team of volunteers we were able to run 28 candidates across 8 school districts successfully electing three of them.

Our candidates are committed to the following Principles:

  • Parents are the primary educator of their children and, as such, it’s only by representing parents that schools have any authority.
  • Wide-open transparency in curriculum and behavioral approaches is to be promoted.
  • Education should reflect the values of the local community in which they are taught. Otherwise why have local school boards?
  • Educational excellence: less indoctrination, more education.