COQUITLAM, BC.: ParentsVoice BC is a new elector organization running 28 independent trustee candidates in 8 school districts. We believe the primary responsibility for children’s education lies with their parents, not the state. Further, parents and their community require and deserve full transparency about what happens in local schools.

Increasingly, government bureaucrats are implementing major initiatives around hot-button issues such as sex, race, and schools response to COVID-19, with little or no input from parents or the local community.  

Those who ask questions or dare to seek clarity are labelled as troublemakers, haters and worse.

This top down, one size fits all approach has resulted in an increase of students moving out of the public school system to independent schools (13.1%, the highest in Canada) and homeschooling (.37%). *Source: StatsCan 2020 data, the latest year available.

Scores for basic skills for BC students all declined dramatically according to PISA rankings for Canadian provinces. 

Before this public school exodus gets worse, we must restore trust in our public school system.

ParentsVoice BC’s mission is to elect independent candidates to BC School Boards who will put the needs of parents and the local community first. Our candidates are committed to Six Principles.

PARENTS PRIME: The primary responsibility for children’s education lies with their parents.

TRANSPARENCY: What happens at schools should be available for all to see.

INDEPENDENCE: Trustees should represent parents and community – not unions or special interests.

STUDENTS FIRST: Schools should focus on preparing students for a productive adulthood, not the passing trends of the day.

COMMUNITY VALUES: Education should reflect the values of the local community in which they are taught. Otherwise why have local school boards?

EXCELLENCE: Our public schools should be the best in the world – they are funded that way!

For a complete list of our candidates including their bios and contact information please go to this link.

For a pdf version of this press release, download at this link.

Fritz Radandt
Campaign Manager
Phone:    778-831-1053 
Email:     [email protected]