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ParentsVoice BC Makes Electoral History

ParentsVoice BC Makes Electoral History


ParentsVoice BC made history last night by doing what many said was impossible, electing three Trustee candidates in two school districts.

Richard Procee was elected Trustee for School District #33 Chilliwack; Carroll Walker and Daniel Albertson were elected Trustee for School District #91 Nechako Lakes.

“We’re thrilled with our success, electing three candidates in two school districts tonight, especially since ParentsVoice BC didn’t even exist 4 months ago,” said Marc Vella, founder of ParentsVoice BC.

“We congratulate all 28 ParentsVoice BC candidates in 8 school districts across British Columbia for giving a voice to the growing unrest that underpinned this election,” Vella said.

“We also congratulate all those caring and supportive parents and community members who made the right decision: to give parents a voice in their children’s education,” Vella said.

“In other districts we came incredibly close,” said campaign manager Fritz Randandt. “In SD36 Surrey, Lisa Alexis earned 31,626 votes. That’s more votes than 6 of 8 city counsellors received but not quite enough to win a Trustee seat. In Maple Ridge, Brian Dominick was just 52 votes short of winning his Trustee seat.”

“Tonight’s success proves our point,” said Marc Vella. “There’s a growing movement of parents and community members who don’t like what power-mad union leaders have done to our education system and to our children.”

“This is why I created ParentsVoice BC,” Vella continued, “to give truly independent candidates a fighting chance against fake-independent, union-endorsed ones.”

“Those unions came after us with such vengeance and vitriol. They revealed just how scared they are of this growing movement, and of ParentsVoice BC specifically, for challenging their erroneous belief that union leaders, not parents, should be the only ones making decisions in our education system. They are wrong, and this election proved it.”

ParentsVoice BC believes that more parental and community involvement in school board policy decisions is a huge benefit to our entire society, not a radical idea that must be shunned at all costs.

“Today begins the next chapter of ParentsVoice BC,” said Vella. “Today begins the process of building a full slate of candidates in all 60 school districts. If you or someone you know wants to be an effective member of this movement, get in touch. We want you.  We need you.  We can’t do it without you.”

To join our confidential Teachers Advisory Council, please contact Marc Vella.

To join our confidential Political Advisory Council, please contact Marc Vella.

Join our Founders Club today, or contact us to see how you can become involved see you can become a monthly donor to the school district(s) of your choice here.

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