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There are very few times when you can make history. This is one of them!


ParentsVoice BC is something unique that has never been done before in BC politics.

This is the first time an elector organization has registered in multiple school districts with the same name creating a BC wide brand.

This province wide brand with professional campaign management can help elect multiple independent candidates who would have had little or no chance otherwise.

But professional campaigns take money.

Your donation will make history in three ways.


1. Take Back Our Schools

Currently union and special interest group endorsements ensure their candidates are elected due to low turnout. It is very difficult for independent candidates to win going up against powerful union endorsements and volunteers, as well as progressive third party organizations, training and polling data. This means the school districts are run for the benefit of those that work there and not for the students, parents or communities in which they reside.

The ParentsVoice BC slate of candidates gives us a shot to take control of school boards in 8 districts across BC.

2. Create a Farm Team

By electing as many school trustees as possible, not only does PVBC help take back our schools but it creates a pool of experienced politicians with name recognition who may consider running for higher office.

Currently most school trustees are the farm team for the left.

3. Revolutionize Local Politics

If the ParentsVoice BC experiment in school district elections is successful it will forever change local politics.

Unions and special interests will no longer have a monopoly controlling school boards.

Independent candidates will now have a chance to participate.

Recruiting good candidates will be easier as their time committment is reduced and they will have professional help to get elected.

This will be the first time in years where we have beat the left at using the system for electoral gain. But we must have success now for this to hold true.

Money Matters

Professional Campaign Management

Money helps us provide experienced campaign workers who know how to win.

Economies of Scale

The PVBC model enables economies of scale in campaign management. We can apply the branding, website, ads, videos and staff accross multiple candidates in muliple districts at a fraction of the cost if each went on their own.

Effective Targeted Marketing

Well designed and focused ad campaigns enable PVBC to reach our voters effeciently.

Voter Data Management

For the first time PVBC is bringing voter data management tools to independent school trustee elections. This helps with GOTV (Get Out The Vote) efforts as well as identifying friendly voters for future use.

Long Term Planning

Instead of focusing on just this election cycle, PVBC is building a platform to help us succeed in every election going forward. The brand, tools, data and experience developed this time are the foundation for future success.

Catching Up to Our Opponents

Currently unions and progressive organizations outspend us at least tenfold. If we are to succeed our side needs to buck up and support organizations like ParentsVoice BC to help level the playing field.

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