Teresa Docksteader

Kelowna SD23 School Trustee Candidate

school Being involved in the positive development of children, both mentally and physically, is something that I have a strong passion for.

My roots are fully immersed in the Okanagan area. My mom was born in Kamloops and my dad grew up in Vernon. My husband’s family is from Armstrong. Our grandchildren are 5 th generation in this area. My husband and I have 2 children and 4 grandchildren, and lucky for us, they all live nearby.

My background in the development of children started with a position where I did sign language in a Salmon Arm high school for 2 deaf boys. Next, I worked with a child who had severe fetal alcohol syndrome.

When our daughter was born, I substituted at a Vernon school, that had severe behaviourally challenged children. Once our kids were in school I was very involved with the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC). I understand the importance of parents being involved in the schools to ensure decisions are fully discussed and reviewed.

I’ve held every position on Parent Advisory Committees and often went to the District PAC meetings and trustee meetings. I also joined School Planning Council when that was implemented.

I have also coached numerous basketball and soccer teams. In the 2.5 years I was in Fort St John, I coached a total of 14 teams.

I am now retired and enjoy spending time with my grandchildren.

As a Trustee

All my life I have had children around me. Right to this day children are my focus. Every child deserves the best education and in British Columbia we have the means to do this. It is important to do it right the first time and to ensure that all changes to our school criteria are to the benefit of all children.

Often children’s voices are not heard. I want to be on the SD 23 school board as a trustee in order to help be the voice for our children, as they are the most precious gift we are given.

I believe parents need to be involved in their child’s education. I have heard parents say they do not feel as welcome in the schools as before. Although I am not sure if this is the case, I believe schools and parents need to work together for the benefit of children. I want parents to know safety in schools is a top priority. Parents also need to be able to express what is and is not working. As a trustee I will listen, as parents know best what their child needs.

Teachers are the education without them our children do not learn. I will support them so they can prepare the children to move to the next grade or next step in life. Our teachers are well educated to do this and as a trustee I want to listen to the teachers if a program or something being integrated is not working. I will listen without prejudice and I will be open minded. Teachers need to feel comfortable informing trustees what is and is not working. Teachers are our connection to children as they spend much time with our children and have an opportunity to share insights to help us all.

As a school trustee I will advocate for the children. I will support these little people’s unique skills to be a part of society growing into contributing adults. As an example, when I was on the School Planning Council I discussed with the principle how to unite the immigrant population of the school. I noticed each group stuck within themselves. I suggested ideas like a fashion show with each culture sharing their dress with other cultures. It was a huge hit. I want each child to see the other as a person that also has unique qualities.

Schools are an integral part of the community and many lifelong friendships have been made at school.

My Issues

That every child has the opportunity to learn and grow in their own way. That every child has the opportunity to get to school and be welcomed and safe and fed.

The basics taught are reading, writing and math. Teaching finance, computer skills and sciences are critical skills as well.

To have children ready when they are finished school so they successfully move into adulthood with confidence and less fear and anxiety. To be independent and not dependant of the government to support them.

Providing our children with skills to be a contributing and involved part of society. Addressing issues of drugs in our schools. Parents need to be involved in a child’s education.

Being diligent when we decide to make changes within the system that they are safe and beneficial and make sense.

To be inclusive of all children and teach the children to also be inclusive and accepting. Children with mental health issues be recognized and supported, in particular after the past couple of years.


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