Laurie Bowen

West Kelowna School Trustee Candidate

Laurie Bowen is a firm believer in parents as the primary educators of their children. Through directing the education of their own daughter, the journey led her and her husband to public education, home schooling, and private education, from which she draws the best of each world.

Laurie has been employed with Westbank First Nation for over 17 years, currently serving as Policy Development Coordinator, which involves working closely with Sensisyusten School and School Board on policy development and strategic planning and implementation.

Through her experiences, Laurie brings a passion for life-long learning, a strong understanding of local government administration, and a thorough grasp on the importance of collaborative relationships with both colleagues and the community members she serves.

She has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Waterloo and a Certificate of Local Government Administration with distinction from Capilano University.

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Laurie and her husband Jordie have lived in the Central Okanagan for over 27 years and have a 21-year-old daughter with whom they enjoy lots of outdoor adventures.

Selah Outdoor Explorations

Laurie and her husband have served thousands of students, teachers, and parents throughout the Central Okanagan through their business Selah Outdoor Explorations, delivering hands-on, experiential outdoor education programs for over 20 years.

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