Johnnie Day

Johnnie Sd42 School Trustee Candidate

More and more our educational system is being eroded away. Replaced by the corruption of special interest groups and their agendas.

Our children are innocent and vulnerable. They need our guidance and protection. They are our future.

We need to take back our schools. Return the responsibility of our children’s education to the parents. Ensure community values be reflected in their education. Have trustees represent and support parents and community values. Allow openness and availability of school curriculum.

I grew up in a tightly knit farming community in South Langley in an extended family. Four generations under the same roof. Family and community supporting one another..

As a child growing up I was taught to appreciate and value my unique family life. The love of all kinds of music. . To enjoy books. Nature and outdoor activities.

After attending university for a BSc in Nursing and a minor degree in Psychology I worked in a hospital setting, managed a specialized medical office and in later years worked in the film and television industry as an actress.

Widowed and a single parent I very much enjoyed raising my daughter Emma. Participated in PAC, school fundraisers, school trips and assisted in the class room. Was involved in Emma’s extracurricular activities Brownies, Girl Guides and Candy Stripers.


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I moved to Maple Ridge almost 20 years to be near Emma. Now married (Emerson) she has 2 lovely children Elijah (15) and Eva (6) who are on the autism spectrum.

Special Needs

I take an active interest and role in helping to raise them. As well as being involved with their unique educational needs. We spend a great deal of time together. Cooking, reading books, playing music, sports, nature walks and taking long drives in my older red mustang ( which they love riding in ) with the windows down and the music cranked up. I find doing these things to be pleasurable and joyful.

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