Elliott Friesen

Chilliwack SD33 School Trustee Candidate

Elliott Friesen has a vested interest in seeing his kids in the Chilliwack public school system thrive and prosper.

Friesen, a realtor who has lived in Chilliwack for many years and has an extensive background in the construction and real estate industries, says his decision to run for the Chilliwack School District Board of Education in this fall’s election is based on his strong conviction to support higher learning while protecting the most vulnerable.

“As a father of three young boys, I believe the education system needs to be a place of peace, encouragement and inclusivity for all,” said Friesen. “It needs to be a place of camaraderie, a place the common bond is so strong it inspires students to unite with one another for the common goal of achievement, hope, confidence, and self worth.”

Friesen is a big believer in financial literacy for Chilliwack students.

“I believe financial education is severely lacking in our schools today,” he said. “Our curriculum needs to include financial education that will equip our students to face Real life situations regarding money, investing, debt, and rate of return. Our students need to be informed regarding income streams from any given career path before they make their final decision.”

He envisions a school system where kids are free from political interference and political indoctrination.

“I want to bring the influence back to the family when it comes to school curriculum,” Friesen said. “I believe in a strong academic curriculum that is free of [an] ideological agenda, where kids can simply focus on learning, exploring their possibilities, and building lasting relationships with one another, as they look forward to a bright future. We must stand for the rights of parents and of our children. As the greatest investment is your future, it’s not real estate; it’s your kids.”

Friesen also wants to highlight career paths and vocational opportunities once students graduate from Chilliwack secondary schools.

“Do I need to go to university and get a degree, or do I need to go to trade school and get a ticket?” Friesen pondered. “Which career will suit my lifestyle and what are my interests? All these questions need to be addressed by students individually to suit their individual needs before they choose a career path.”

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