Belinda Wheatley

SD43 Coquitlam School Trustee Candidate

Belinda Wheatley is a firm believer that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela – a fellow countryman. Belinda is grateful to have immigrated to Canada 28 years ago from South Africa. As a Montessori teacher (NAMCI) an Early Childhood Educator (ECE) and currently a Special Needs Educator (SEA) in the public school system Belinda understands the importance of putting the child’s needs first before everything else. “Education is the foundation of ALL personal and social agendas” – Dalai Lama

With a Diploma in Nutrition, being a Soccer Coach and Yoga Instructor Belinda knows the importance of Physical Education, healthy lifestyle choices and how our schools are failing in this area. Working as a Nutritionist she created a program called “Healthy Kids” where she educated parents how to encourage healthy lifestyles for their children including a love and respect for taking care of our environment.

Belinda uses the “The Virtues Project” as a foundation for her parenting, teaching and life. She believes we need to instill in our children how to be of value to society. Children need morals and values and to know how to be kind, good, gentle, faithful, respectful and have self-control. This is how they will create peace, love and joy in their hearts, communities and in the world. BC is diverse and we need compassion and understanding to create Unity in our Diversity. Everyone and every culture needs to be recognized and celebrated.

Together we can make BC Schools the best in the world – let’s take our Schools back!!!

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Belinda is a Mother of 3 successful adult children and a Grandmother. She firmly believes that Parents are the first Educators of their children and that Parents need a Voice and transparency on how and what their children are being taught in our Public Schools. She knows that there needs to be more input from Parents and Community involvement in our BC Schools.

Schools for Africa

As a Philanthropist Belinda initiated “Schools for Africa” where she worked tirelessly fundraising to take a group to South Africa to renovate a school, provide clean drinking water, outhouses, blackboards, desks and chairs, teaching material and school supplies.

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