Who Controls Your Child’s Education?

ParentsVoice BC is a new elector organization running 28 independent trustee candidates in 8 school districts. We believe the primary responsibility for children’s education lies with their parents, not the state. Further, parents and their community require and deserve full transparency about what happens in local schools.

ParentsVoice BC

Students First

Schools should focus on preparing students for a productive adulthood, not the trends of the day.


Trustees should represent parents and community – not special interests.


Lesson plans, programs and club agendas should be available for all to see.

Community Values

Education should reflect the values of the community in which they are taught.

Parents Prime

The primary responsibility for children’s education lies with their parents.


Our schools should be the best in the world!

About PVBC

Increasingly parents are feeling excluded from having input into their children’s education.  Major programs are implemented with little consultation or transparency. The school system seems broken.

ParentsVoice BC is a school district elector organization dedicated to electing independent candidates that will put the needs of students and families first. Parents are the true political party when it comes to their children’s education and upbringing.

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