Jewlie Milligan

Vernon SD22 School Trustee Candidate

Jewlie Milligan is a firm believer in parents as the primary educators of their children. She believes that parents and their input is essential for the development of curriculum within the educational system. As a parent and grandparent, Jewlie believes in focusing on the best interests of the child, with her roots being firmly grounded in Christian principles.

Jewlie believes education should assist in the development of morals, values and ethics as children grow. Our schools should foster critical thinking skills in our most valuable resource, the future generations. Children should have every opportunity to succeed in all areas of life, such as, learning, sports and team events. This will be important in creating the next generation of leaders. Together we can make BC Schools the best in Canada.

Jewlie is a Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. During her retirement Jewlie has pursued post-secondary education at Okanagan College where she obtained a Business Diploma. Jewlie has raised a family, had a successful career and enjoyed many outdoor recreational activities throughout her life; such as, golfing, skiing, pickleball, biking and hiking.

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