Carmen Halpenny

Delta SD37 School Trustee Candidate

Carmen Halpenny is a South Delta resident for more than 50 years, a parent of two, and a local business owner. She was employed for several years by the City of Delta teaching the course “Healthy Cooking For Kids”. Carmen is an active member of Delta with a history of community involvement.

Out of her deep commitment to children and the community, Carmen has spent considerable time in volunteer roles such as campaigning for Basic For Babies; raising money and collecting donations to feed, clothe, & care for babies in need. She served one year on the Parent Advisory Committee at SDSS, as well as giving time to Food On The Corner, Sacred Heart School, and Earthwise Garden. She has spent over a decade volunteering to feed and clothe the growing population of homeless residents of the DTES. Carmen has been trained to administer Naloxone and has been active in learning about the fentanyl crisis, and how it has affected Delta youth.

Having been an Early Childhood educator for more than 25 years, Carmen has a growing concern regarding recent initiatives being pushed into our current education institutions. Her number one goal is to advocate for transparency and openness within the Delta School District. She advocates for students and parents to be fully informed at every level of education. 

Carmen has spent over thirty years studying the growth & development of children from conception to the teen years. She loves the South of Delta, and all the West Coast life has to offer. Carmen and her family fish our BC waters, grow food in our nutrient rich soil, cook healthy, delicious meals, and embrace a lifestyle aligned with the love of our beautiful Native land.

If elected into a School Board Trustee position, Carmen promises to serve the people who elected her, not special interest groups, government or unions.

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