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Below are answers to questions we have received while meeting with voters and talking to the media.

If you have a question please email it to info@parentsvoicebc.ca and we will do our best to post the answer promptly.


Who is behind ParentsVoice BC?

PVBC was founded by Marc Vella who wondered why local school boards did not seem to represent the values of their local communities. He came up with the concept of running independent, family-first candidates supported by a multi-district elector organization.

Is PVBC affiliated with any group or organization?

PVBC is not affiliated with any organization, union or federation. Like most community leaders, our candidates may belong to a variety of unions, religious institutions, and other organizations. Our candidates do not represent any of these. They are committed to represent the entire community to the best of their abilities.

How independent are PVBC trustees?

PVBC trustees are elected by their communities and that is who they serve. PVBC only asks that our endorsed candidates strive to uphold our shared values.

How does PVBC deal with the fact that each school board is different?

PVBC candidates will champion local issues. They are running in local school board jurisdictions, not a provincial election.

If PVBC candidates are successful in the election, what policies or proposals would they bring before the board?

We would ensure the voices, concerns and input of parents and the community are taken into account on every major decision made as a school board. We would work to ensure all of our decisions are made in an open and transparent way.

What is PVBC’s take on education worker unions and staff?

One of our values is to be the best educational system in the world. We can only do this if we have the best teachers and staff who have the best training, resources and support possible. As there are already ample mechanisms to address employer – employee issues PVBC believes that School Board trustees should represent the parents and community, not the unions or staff.

What does PVBC mean by “community values” and returning the responsibility of education to parents?

ParentsVoice BC believes the definition of School Trustee is embedded in its name: to be a trusted voice for the community they serve.

It’s also the position of the BC School Trustees Association:

“School trustees represent the public and advocate for public education in their community.”

Parents are primarily responsible for directing their children’s education. To that end, we support electing School Trustees who will listen to parental concerns as well as concerns from the wider community as a whole, and ensure those concerns and community values are the foundation for education in their community.

What is the point of having 60 school districts if they are all the same as directed by bureaucrats in Victoria. Density, cultural makeup, employment, geography, etc are all examples of how districts may vary.


Where does PVBC stand on SOGI?

SOGI 123 is a major and complex initiative.  It contains a wide range of initiatives covering a variety of topics. To give a simple “yes” or “no” response to SOGI trivializes the conversation.

Our concern is SOGI was brought in without adequate consultation or input from parents and their communities. Many school Trustees had no idea about SOGI until parents brought their concerns to them.

That said, dealing with safety and inclusion concerns are important.

Anti-bullying initiatives are needed in an age where far too many young people choose to end their lives – preferring death at their own hand to facing constant harassment from their peers.

Other topics within SOGI are more divisive and should be addressed directly by the communities those school districts serve.

Parental involvement is key to creating a learning environment where the values of all students are respected.

How should marginalized student groups be supported?

Every child is different, so there is no “one answer fits all” that anyone can give to this question without knowing the specific timelines and needs of that individual student.

We believe that every child, no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation or the color of their skin, deserves to get an education free from bullying and abuse of any kind

Does PVBC have a position on Immigration Issues?

Immigration policy is outside the purvue of School Trustees. PVBC believes that immigrants should be greeted with open hearts and welcoming arms, wherever they choose to make their new home. We, as all good neighbors, should assist them in any way we can

How would PVBC use the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act (DRIPA) as a lens when developing Board policy?

Indigenous groups have a unique place in Canada’s history and constitution. PVBC would focus on ensuring every child, no matter their heritage, is supported and encouraged throughout their educational journey. 

How does PVBC feel about the regular presence of police officers in schools, often referred to as School Liaison Officer programs?

This is an issue for the community to decide. It speaks to ensuring the safety and security of our children, as well as teaching our children respect for the men and women who serve the public, such as police.

What mental health supports do students need in order to be successful?

Students and staff should have the best resources and support available to ensure we have the best possible schools.

What is the PVBC position on mask usage and other COVID-19 measures in schools?

This is an issue for parents and the community to decide. Children’s mental and physical health, as well as their academic well-being were affected by COVID-19 policies in the schools despite the low risk for students.

The key point is that, for all of these big issues and in every school district in the province, parents and their community are the best ones to make these decisions. Experts are not always in agreement, and pay no price for their mistakes.

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